Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Crowd Funding Appeal

I am seeking funds to work on and do research in the field of psychonautic music (music that takes the listener on a journey with in their mind). The music that I am trying to create when I first began to hear it in my mind and wanted to create it was impossible to create because the technology was not around at the time. This was back in the early 1980s. Yes I am older and I have been working towards creating this music bit by bit, piece by piece over the years with quite a few set backs.

Both of my parents had health problems, my mother had Parkinson's Disease and I took care of her for 12 years after my father passed away. After my mother's passing I moved to Canada after I married a Canadian at which point all of the music I had released on MP3 dot com went poof when that site folded. My wife and I purchased an acreage and tried to live a simpler life while we worked on our art and I worked on my music working at other jobs to fund that and our farm. Over time I have worked on things and recently started to get things back up for sale, within the last 4 months, had a few sales, however I just lost my day job.

Losing my day job is a major set back in the creation of music and more importantly the promotion of my music. I feel that my music is important and that it will be beneficial to the world. I work in a variety of styles, yet all with an underlying theme of it being psychonautic. These styles are Classical, Jazz, Indian Classical, Industrial, New Age, Ambient, and Dance Music. Within these formats I work with 3D spatial processing (making the sound move around the listeners with or without head phones). In the 3D spatial processing I use sacred geometry patterns as the path around the listener. I work with the morphing of different sounds, micro-tonality, isochronic tones, binaural and monaural beats, and incorporate radionic and psionic principles into the music, alternative sound file tunings (such as A432, A444/C528 Solfeggio Tuning).  

I am seeking funds to aid in living expenses while I work on and promote this music, purchasing of new equipment for production, of and testing of music and its effects on the listener, and for promotion of the music. Samples of the music can be found on this site. Purchases of music from this site would help a lot as well. Also if any one will just share a few links to the sales pages of music that would be appreciated greatly as well. There are donation links in the side bar and you will be able to see and hear what you have donated to as it will all be posted on this site.

Thank You
Mark Gordon Brown
Five Spiders Media

A432 Tuning Version of The Savage Light of Extreme Consciousness by Tracing Archaic Names

The A432 Tuning Version of The Savage Light of Extreme Consciousness by Tracing Archaic Names. 
This release is based strongly on Saturn Theory and Electric Universe Theory as well as the works of H.P Lovecraft, Peter Levenda and Joseph P. Farrell. The music is Dark Ambient or Dark New Age. It will take you on a journey and is not for the faint of heart as that journey will reveal things about yourself and the universe that are at the same time beautiful and horrifying.  
These works were created in 2005 and are being released now for the first time.

Dream Time Time Dream by Mark Gordon Brown

A Modern,or rather, properly stated Contemporary Classical work by Composer Mark Gordon Brown. The work was inspired by Dreamtime legends and the music uses a lot of percussive and wind instruments.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Savage Light of Extreme Consciousness by Tracing Archaic Names

This release is based strongly on Saturn Theory and Electric Universe Theory as well as the works of H.P Lovecraft, Peter Levenda and Joseph P. Farrell. The music is Dark Ambient or Dark New Age. It will take you on a journey and is not for the faint of heart as that journey will reveal things about yourself and the universe that are at the same time beautiful and horrifying.  
These works were created in 2005 and are being released now for the first time.

This Savage Land......... And Tacos? by Mark Gordon Brown

“This Savage Land …...... and Tacos? “ is an experimental classical work by Mark Gordon Brown consisting of three pieces, “A Taco Blistering Distant”, “The Salsa Flowed Like Wine” and the title piece “This Savage Land …......... and Tacos?”  

The first two pieces are percussive with “A Taco Blistering Distant” being a bit dream-like, although soothing it has some harsh elements in this short piece. The second piece is a fast paced percussive piece. The final and title piece in the work “This Savage Land............ and Tacos?” is very sparse and soothing in an unconventional way. The overall work is a savage land that the listener can get lost in.  

The Tacos reference, for those wondering how Mark Gordon Brown came up with the title of the pieces, comes from the end of the film The Doors when Jim Morrison says “Let's go get some tacos!”. The Savage land is either North America, in a Lovecraftian sense, or those surreal places one goes to in their mind that they really do not want others to know about.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Exploding Crown Chakra A 432 version

The Gas Heart Act I in progress

The Gas Heart Act I in progress

Floating in Brine CD by Mark Gordon Brown For Sale Now!

Mark Gordon Brown composed the pieces in Floating in Brine when he was working as a Lab Tech at Vlasic Foods. This work came about from a mix of sounds, colors, and smells going through his mind in synesthetic way and coming out as the pieces in this overall work. These pieces are in a Modern or Contemporary Classical vein. This was a part of the December 2002 release of Mark Gordon Brown's music. The pieces in this work were actually composed in the 1990s.

This Certain Sleepiness CD by Mark Gordon Brown Out Now!

This Certain Sleepiness as a title was inspired by a quote from Jimi Hendrix “There are a few chosen people who are here to get people out of this certain sleepiness that they're in.” The music however in this work is not inspired by Jimi Hendrix, more like Stockhausen, John Cage, Edgard Varèse and other composers in the Musique concrète style. Also these compositions are microtonal in nature.  
This was first released December 25 2002 at a time when Five Spiders Media was releasing a lot of Mark Gordon Brown's compositions, which we pulled 2004 due to an international move and are now re-releasing once again. 
Note on Tracks 2 and 4. Track 2 “Waking on The Wrong Side of Consiousness” the spelling is correct and this misspelling is a part of the composition. IE it's meaning is that of waking up in another reality and to stress this further the word consciousness is spelled consiousness in that particular reality. This is followed by Track 4 being titled “Vails and Vials” in that Vails in our reality would be spelled Veils, yet in this other reality it is spelled “Vails”.

Caustic Blood The Great Whore CD ready for purchase

The Great Whore by Caustic Blood

Caustic Blood is a conceptual "group" that is a part of a larger composition by composer Mark Gordon Brown. This composition comprises all of compositions, CDs, Sound Files, and other things that are released under the name Caustic Blood. This piece in the Caustic Blood composition is titled The Great Whore and the pieces of music written and recorded for it are named accordingly as is the over all release. 

The inspiration behind this piece has to do with conspiracy theories, like much of Mark's work. This time the theme comes from a combination of the Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Messianic Legacy work combined with that for Fundamentalist Christian Conspiracy theorists. 

This work is not an indictment of The Catholic Church by Mark Gordon Brown, nor does he feel that prophecies referring to the whore of Babylon are referring to The Catholic Church. This is simply an aural exploration of those conspiracy theories and should be viewed (meaning: thought of as) and listened purely in that way. 

Mark Gordon Brown's work is not meant to be used as an avenue of hatred for any group of people. His work is meant to be purely transformational through active meditation while listening to the pieces therein.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Winning Online Sporting Contests Subliminal Tonal Meditation

The original version Winning Online Sporting Contest Subliminal Tonal meditation was created for a long time. radionics and subliminal programing, client of Five Spiders Media. He had success with radionics workings and subliminal programs we created for him and since he was such a great client we created the original version of this program for him. This program is for those who wish to have a lucky law of attraction power in winning online sporting contests such as Fantasy Football Leagues. As with all subliminal and subtle energy products the belief, intention, and efforts of the listener are important to the process.

Midas Touch Subliminal Tonal Meditation With Isochronic Tones

Five Spiders Media originally created this subliminal program for an individual client who wished to have a "Midas Touch" in all of his endeavors in life. We have updated the subliminal messages so that they will work for any listener. However, unlike King Midas we have put safeguards in the subliminal messages to protect the listener and only direct to them what they consider to be positive aspects of the Midas Touch. Also this program combines Hermetic principles both in the subliminal messages and in the music and tones used. The music is from composer Mark Gordon Brown. As with any subliminal program the efforts and beliefs of the listener are important to this entire process.

Bitcoin Billionaire Subliminal with Isochronic Tones

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are here to stay. If you are involved in financial gain via these tools this is a must have subliminal program that is designed to frame your mind to accept a huge increase in personal wealth via Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The messages use completely positive affirmations based on NLP and thus should help to increase your wealth in other areas. As with any subliminal programming it requires effort from the listener as well and is offered as an aid to your efforts. The music on this subliminal CD was created by composer Mark Gordon Brown.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Overcoming Fear of Zombies Multi-Language Subliminal Programming

 Overcoming Fear of Zombies Multi-Language Subliminal Program

The Fear of Zombies, The Walking Dead, Psychotic Undead Cannibals is a growing phenomenon of our age. Movies, television series, books, and the internet only feed this frenzy. Although some may view this as an irrational fear others actually suffer from it to the point where it is causing them emotional distress and discomfort. For this reason Five Spiders Media has created this subliminal program to aid those with this fear.  

This program works on two levels. One level being the decreasing of the fear of the dead actually coming back to life as blood or brain thirsty cannibals. The other is more complex in that it addresses the issue of remaining calm and dealing in a logical manner with an actual outbreak of a disease or panic that might mimic a Zombie Apocalypse scenario.  

The subliminal messages in this program are created using NLP wordings to have the greatest impact. 3D spatial processing in used in the subliminal and other tones and music in this program. Also Isochronic Tones, Monaural and Binaural Beats are embedded in the programs to affect the listeners mind in making it more open to the messages. Also this is a multi-language subliminal program having subliminals in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, and Haitian Creole

Mark Gordon Brown Multi-Media Artist and Culture Jammer: Skate Envy

Mark Gordon Brown Multi-Media Artist and Culture Jammer: Skate Envy: Every time we turn around,  Albert is chasing Betty with a plunger. But, it really doesn't matter. They have rollerskates. Every t...