Tuesday, 29 September 2015

This Savage Land......... And Tacos? by Mark Gordon Brown

“This Savage Land …...... and Tacos? “ is an experimental classical work by Mark Gordon Brown consisting of three pieces, “A Taco Blistering Distant”, “The Salsa Flowed Like Wine” and the title piece “This Savage Land …......... and Tacos?”  

The first two pieces are percussive with “A Taco Blistering Distant” being a bit dream-like, although soothing it has some harsh elements in this short piece. The second piece is a fast paced percussive piece. The final and title piece in the work “This Savage Land............ and Tacos?” is very sparse and soothing in an unconventional way. The overall work is a savage land that the listener can get lost in.  

The Tacos reference, for those wondering how Mark Gordon Brown came up with the title of the pieces, comes from the end of the film The Doors when Jim Morrison says “Let's go get some tacos!”. The Savage land is either North America, in a Lovecraftian sense, or those surreal places one goes to in their mind that they really do not want others to know about.

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