Saturday, 3 October 2015

A Prophet in His Own Land by Mark Gordon Brown A432 Version

This is the A432 Tuning Version of A Prophet in His Own Land by Mark Gordon Brown 
Based on a vision Mark Gordon Brown had while meditating, this experimental classical work has elements of Indian Mysticism and Hermeticism.  
The main title piece of this work is not meant to be arrogant or egotistical. It is a reference to the difficulty that one faces when they have such visionary experiences and how their friends and family treat them if they share these experiences with them. Actually “A prophet in his own land” is in reference to a number of verses in Torah and in The Christian New Testament.  
This work is about the fear that anyone who is given a visionary message faces in sharing this message with friends and family and how often friends and family are the first to reject the visionary message the “prophet” is ask to pass along. Prophets can be composers, writers, artists, or philosophers. Others will accept their message of importance to the world at times easier than friends or family.  
These are the two meaning behind this work. How the message of what Mark Gordon Brown was suppose to do with music and art to fix the distortion that is this reality and how that message was and is received by some of his friends and family in a negative way when others hearing or seeing get the message on a subconscious, super-conscious, or conscious level.

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