Thursday, 15 October 2015

Caustic Blood's Vacaguanré! on Sale Now

“Vacaguanré!” is a tribute to the Guanches people of the Canary Islands. According to Wikipedia “Guanches (also: Guanchis or Guanchetos) are the aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands. It is believed that they migrated to the archipelago around 1000 BC or perhaps earlier. While it is generally considered that the Guanches no longer exist as a distinct ethnicity,[1] traces of their culture can still be found intermixed within Canarian customs and traditions, such as Silbo, the whistled language of La Gomera Island. The Guanches were the only native people known to have lived in the Macaronesian region before the arrival of Europeans, as there is no evidence that the Azores, Cape Verde, Madeira and the Savage Islands were inhabited before that time. “

Caustic Blood's “Vacaguanré!” explores the history of the Guanches aurally while also touching on themes of circular time. The titles of the pieces in this overall work are in the Guanche language and the listener is not given a translation of what these words means. Exploring what there meanings are is a part of the experience of this work.

If you like the music of Stockhausen, Cage, Edgard Victor Achille Charles Varèse, Vladimir Alexeevich Ussachevsky then you will like this work as well.

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