Sunday, 4 October 2015

Yazidis Sunrise A432 Version by Mark Gordon Brown

A432 Tuning Version of the songs of Yazidis Sunrise  
Yazidis Sunrise as a whole is piece of Intentional Music created by composer Mark Gordon Brown. The purpose of this particular piece of Intentional is to restore the Yazidis Kurds to their homeland and for them to be able to live in peace.   
Intentional Music is a concept that Mark Gordon Brown came up when he noticed that some randomly named pieces of music began to manifest in reality in some very strange and specific ways that could not be coincidence.   
Playing this EP through is meant to act as a radionics device, prayer flag, or ritual magick spell to create in this reality the Intention that is placed on the overall piece. Despite the final tracks title "Kurds Shining Hopeless" which is their present situation and they shine through their hopeless situation, however the intention of the music that has been placed on it is to go past this into an Yazidis Sunrise and be victorious and live in peace.  
The music is based on Kurdish and Persian Music and is a bit psychedelic and also microtonal in nature.  
Although these pieces were originally written in 2003 this is the first time they are offered for sale.

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