Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Tea Cup of Our Dreams

Tea Cup of Our Dreams is a collection of pieces by Mark Gordon Brown. Although these pieces were not composed to work as a cohesive unit they have been arranged in this album to work as one. Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution. When a listener listens to music without these elements with these elements in the music it affects them more positively than simply listening to songs or pieces of music that are simply static, conflict, or resolution.  
The pieces in this work vary a bit in nature. Some are Micro-tonal and 3D Spatial Imaging that can be heard with or without headphones. One piece (track) on the CD version uses extended silence. This is a part of the composition and timing of the overall work. That bit of silence is not on the download version for reasons that it would be out of context if downloaded separately from the rest of the works. 
1 Tea Cup of Our Dreams 
2 We Say We Say 
3 Royal Penguins of Tuva  
4 Methane Swamps of Titan 
5 And After The Bodhi Tree? 
6 We Say We Say (Bluebird Mix) 
7 Royal Penguins of Tuva (Pyschonautic Mix) 
8 Lavender Toads 
9 Dendrobatidae Rain

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